Can I connect to my MySQL database using a remote client? Yes, you can connect to your database using a client such as MySQL Front or Aqua Data Studio. We... Do you have DDOS protection? Absolutely! We are committed to protecting your hosting service 24/7 against any type of DDoS... Do you have a money-back guarantee on your web hosting? Yes, we have a 14-day money-back guarantee on our web hosting plans. This guarantee doesn't... Do you have an uptime guarantee? Yes, we have a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Do you overload your servers? No, and quite simply, we never will. We have a strict policy when it comes to server load. We... Do you support IPv6? No doubt about it! We're living in the future, not in the past! Every single server that belongs... How do I access cPanel? cPanel can be accessed by using either of the URLs below: How do I backup my cPanel account? Login to cPanel. Locate and click on the "Backup Wizard" icon within the "Files" category.... How do I change my cPanel Password? If you know your cPanel password: Log in to cPanel. Locate the "Change Password" icon. Fill... How do I change my cPanel theme? Login to cPanel. Locate  the "Switch Theme" dropdown located on the top left after you have... How do I change my language in cPanel? Login to cPanel. Locate and click on your username on the top right then click "Change... How do I find my MySQL version? Login to cPanel In the "Stats" section on the left, locate the row labeled "MySQL Version".... How do I find my PHP version? Login to cPanel. In the "Stats" section on the right, located the row labeled "PHP version".... How do I interpret access logs? When viewing an access log, there are many different statistics to consider: Unique Visitor -... How do I see how much disk space I am using? Login to cPanel. Locate the "Stats" column on the left of the page and find the row labeled... How do I update my contact information? Login to cPanel. Locate and click on the "Update Contact Info" icon in the "Preferences"... How do I use the File Manager? Login to cPanel Locate and click on the "File Manager" icon from within the "Files" category.... How much hosting do I need? If you are starting your first website, chances are you are not familiar with common hosting... How much is extra disk space? We do not sell additional disk space. In order to receive more disk space you will need to... Software Installation in cPanel using Softaculous Step 1: Login & Navigate to Softaculous Step 2: Find the application you want to install... What Control Panel Do You use? We use the latest version of CPanel for all web hosting accounts. What do my cPanel stats mean? Within cPanel, there are numerous statistics listed on the left of the screen.   Main Domain... What happens if I go over my Bandwidth limit? You will receive an automated email when you are close or 5% over your allocation bandwidth,... What is bandwidth? Bandwidth is the amount of data that is allowed to be transferred in and out of an account during... What is cPanel? cPanel is a web hosting control panel that provides a graphical user interface (GUI) from which... What is disk space? Disk space is the amount of data allocated to a specific customer. For instance, if a customer is... What is website hosting? Web hosting is a service where a client rents disk space space on a server. Some advantages to... What's the fastest way to transfer files? The File Manager is good if you need to upload just a couple of files quickly, but if you are... Where are your servers located? Our servers and networking equipment is located in London, United Kingdom. We do have a handful... Why has my account been suspended? If you are receiving an "Account Suspended" page when trying to access your site, it could be... Will I be able to access my domain name with or without the WWW? Yes, you will be able to access your domain name with or without the WWW in front. For example,...
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